A public art project by artist Kate Elliott

This project derives from an archive of over 100 family photos, the earliest of which dates from the turn of the nineteenth century. They had been discarded in a skip in Belsize Park, North London, where they were discovered by Shar Camilleri in early 2010.

It is a project about time. I am less concerned with the individual story behind each of the images, but more with a generic identity, that can be explored and extended according to the different experiences of everyone who sees them.

Drawing on universal feelings of loss, nostalgia, melancholy and hope, I take these photographs from their original and unknown context in the hope of creating new personal and intertwining narratives, individual to each image.

While we are all connected by our personal memories, as well as by our ability to dream, we also crave a sense of belonging, and are pre-occupied with a continual and possibly never-ending search for identity in and through the lives of others.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Girl and The Boy (after a year and a half)

After a year and a half, the story of The Girl and The Boy is approaching an end.

All of The Boy on Cecilia Road has finally disappeared, the documentation photos being the only thing left to remind us of its existence. Around the corner The Girl at Hackney Downs Junction still battles against the elements - in tatters, the images slowly fading and disappearing, the loose paper moving in the wind. Two of the images have almost half gone, the third is fighting on.

The Girl and The Boy - February 2013